Build on Your Baltimore County Lot

Are you interested in building a new home on your own lot in Baltimore County?

Butler Hill Construction is ready to guide you through that process!

Build a New House on Your Lot

Here’s how we can help build on your lot in various situations:

  • If you already own a lot, then we can design and build a new house on it.
  • If you’re looking for a lot to purchase, then we can help you find one through our many channels.
  • If you have had a devastating fire, then we can rebuild a new house on your lot.
  • If you already own a lot but it has an older house on it that you want removed, then we can tear it down and build a new house on your lot.
build on your lot in Baltimore County

Why Build on Your Own Lot?

Trying to find a completed home that has exactly what you want, in the location you want, is not easy. If you only have to pick the location, then Butler Hill Construction can take care of the rest of your dream. Having a clean slate to design what you want—from the farmhouse look outside, to the spa-like owner’s bath, to the chef-style kitchen—it all becomes possible.

Building on your own lot has many benefits, including:

  • Saving thousands of dollars on transfer taxes to Baltimore County and the state of Maryland. (You only pay taxes on the lot, and not the house.)
  • Getting to decide exactly what kind of house you want, whether that’s a completely custom design or one of our customizable, pre-designed models.
  • Having the freedom to choose exactly where you want the house built, instead of being limited to lots and pre-built houses in particular communities.

The Process for Building a New Home on Your Lot

1. Find a suitable lot.

Before purchasing a lot, determine if it’s appropriate for building the kind of house you want. We encourage our clients to invite us for a walkthrough of a lot before they purchase it. As professional home builders, we have the expertise to assess conditions and help foresee potential challenges.

For example, we’ll consider if there is public water and septic, if there’s a well, if there are wetlands, if there are specimen trees that need to be accounted for, if there are pre-existing buildings or foundations, if there are easements to allow access to the lot, and how old the percolation test is. We also look at the zoning chart to see if the lot will accommodate the size house you want to build. Based on our evaluations, we can advise you on whether it would be a good lot to purchase.

2. Purchase the lot and get necessary permits.

Once you’re ready to purchase a lot, you can work through our real estate agent or your own. We have recommended lenders for construction-to-permanent loans, which makes it an easy process for you. We will also assist with the permitting process.

3. Design your house.

This is all about designing the house of your dreams! We can create a completely new custom home design for you. Or we can customize one of our popular existing home models for you. Or you can bring us your own plans, and we can work with them.

4. Build your house.

We’ll begin construction on your new home once the construction loan, permits, and design are finalized. Throughout the construction process, we’ll invite you to join us for walkthroughs at certain points, such as a pre-drywall inspection and a final walkthrough before we hand you the keys.

5. Enjoy your new home on your own lot!

After you move in, you can rest assured that your new house has a ten-year structural warranty. Also, you can invite us back 90 days and 1 year after settlement to address any issues with the house that you’ve discovered.

New Houses Built in Baltimore County

Build on your lot custom home design facade

Owings Mills, MD

Custom home design

Harvest home design facade on Baltimore County lot

Reisterstown, MD

Harvest home design

Build on Your Lot FAQs

Here are answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked.

  • Will you build on any size lot?
    Yes, we will. During the process, we take into consideration the size of the house you want, the size of the lot, and the minimum amount of space required between the house and property lines.
  • Will you clear the lot of trees, debris, etc.?
    Yes, we will take care of preparing the property for construction. We can also help coordinate any reforestation or special planting efforts that might be required, in the case that a certain amount of your land needs to be cleared of trees for the house.
  • Do you handle land grading?
    Yes, we take care of the property grading. We will discuss with you the possibility of an in-ground house or a walkout (a house in which you can walk out from the basement to the outside without having steps).
  • How do you handle utilities?
    We can coordinate with BGE to help determine if natural gas is available or if propane tanks might be necessary. We also help with storm management plans and with dry wells if necessary.

Why Build a Home in Baltimore County?

Baltimore County is part of the greater Baltimore metropolitan area and is centrally located in Maryland. This prime location provides convenient access to key cities in Maryland, such as Baltimore City and Towson.

Baltimore County also offers a variety of natural beauty. It encompasses 200 miles of waterfront along the Chesapeake Bay tributaries. It also brings the charm of horse country, with 21,000 acres of equine-related land. Plus, you can easily get to the mountains within an hour’s drive.

Offering rural, suburban, and urban living options, Baltimore County is the third-most populous county in Maryland. It is home to diverse communities of residents and provides an environment for local culture to thrive.

Why Choose Us to Build Your Baltimore County Home?

We have worked in Baltimore County for many years, so we are very familiar with this county. We have developed long-term relationships with quality suppliers, subcontractors, and real estate professionals in the area. This means we can provide you with a comprehensive, rewarding building experience, and with an extraordinary house of which you can be proud.

We choose to focus on building only a few homes at a time. This enables us to maintain the superior quality of customer service and house craftsmanship. We value maintaining personal contact with each customer and meeting necessary timeframes. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.

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